J-D’s Very Own Genius Bar

by AJ Ortega

Are you having trouble with Google Classroom or need to use Powerpoint for a project? Then visit the new Genius Bar, a group of students available in the library to answer any questions and help students with any technology-related troubles they have. “It provides help to both students and teachers with anything they need,” said Librarian Mary Panek, who introduced the Genius Bar this year. She got the idea for it from a fellow librarian from Baldwinsville High School and, tweaking it to her liking, created our Genius Bar.


    You can use the Genius Bar for just about anything involving technology. “I help people with everything from how to turn the computer on and off, to how to print off (Microsoft) Word, to copying things for teachers,” said freshman “Genius-in-Training” Sophie Madison.  Students in the Genius Bar sacrifice their lunch or study hall time to help people. “Having them to help frees me up from all the questions students have so I can work on things I need to get done,” said Ms. Panek. Right now, a Genius is not available every period during the day, they come in whenever the can and want. Becaused this is new, Ms. Panek has not made a set schedule for them to be in.


    Some students, like sophomore Kenny Santos, believe that the Genius Bar would not be helpful. “I don’t think students will use it. (Students) are part of the tech era. We know how to work a computer,” said Santos. However, freshmen Erik Kalantarov thinks the Genius bar is a good idea “because students use computers for everything but we don’t know how to use everything on those computers.” Students who are doing work can ask the Genius Bar for help with things like Prezi, use of the chromebooks, and anything else they need to complete work. For example, if a student has trouble printing or doesn’t know how to print in general, the Genius will explain and walk the student through the process of printing.


It’s not just the students that benefit from the Genius Bar. The “Geniuses-in-Training” get pleasure from helping people and it is an activity that looks good on their resume for college, which is why freshman “Genius-in-Training” Muhamaad Musab signed up. Ms. Panek believes that the Genius Bar gives students the opportunity to be in a  leadership role.


As of right now there are not many students dedicated to the Genius Bar. Ms. Panek hopes that more people will join next year because the Genius Bar would be a waste if no one uses it. “Doing the Genius Bar is fun but not many kids ask questions so it can get boring,” said sophomore “Genius-in-Training” Malik Larkin.


    This is the trial period for the Genius Bar, and like everything, there are some kinks that need to be worked out so it will only get better as more people sign up to be Geniuses and more people ask the Geniuses for help.


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