Sidewalks are Coming, Thanks to Moving DeWitt

Terrence Echols

Sports Editor



    Moving DeWitt is a program whose goal is to make Town of DeWitt a more friendly place for runners, walkers, and cyclists by facilitating a plan to bring sidewalks to neighborhoods in the Jamesville-DeWitt community. Since November 2014, the committee has gathered information from around the area through surveys in order to develop “a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the Town of DeWitt,” according to the Moving DeWitt website. Over 50 percent of the people who participate in their surveys are adults ages 45-64. They are trying to incorporate people from younger generations, especially people from 18-24, since their participation is the lowest of all age groups,only a mere 3 percent.



Moving Dewitt is trying to increase awareness and participation in the committee’s goals  by asking for help from not only J-DHS students, but t by recruiting Manlius Pebble Hill, and Christian Brothers Academy students as well.They are looking for more participation from younger members of the community since they have a different view of problems and opportunities, and the students can earn community volunteer hours necessary for participation in National Honor Society and Participation in Government.    

Any interested students have many opportunities to volunteer with Vanessa Gravenstine who is a graduate student at SUNY ESF and Lisa Carey-Moore  who is one of the head volunteers of the committee.Social studies teacher Donna Oppedisano says government students will benefit from this program because it is “an authentic experience where students can see what goes into the government process.” Students who participate will work with mentors and meetings will be scheduled after school or when everyone is able to attend. Moving DeWitt says that any student interested in any of the areas, from statistics and marketing, to public relations and planning, should contact Ms. Carey-Moore by emailing her at Students will be able to host a student forum to brainstorm, and develop surveys and distribute it to students within the high school and perhaps within the district at large, and research what other communities have done/how other communities have tackled these issues


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