NCAA Madness

by AJ Ortega and Tim Skeval

    On Sunday March 13, teams for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament were revealed during the annual Selection Sunday show on CBS. The first games tipped off on March 15, during the play-in round,which determines which bubble teams get into the actual tournament. The first game of the round of 64 will tip of on Thursday, March 17 at 12:15 pm with the No. 4 seed Duke University playing the No. 13 seed University of North Carolina, Wilmington.


ESPN radio predicted that the loser of the Syracuse University vs University of Pittsburgh ACC tournament game would not make the tournament. This turned out to be false when both SU and Pitt make the tourney as No. 10 seeds. And after losing their first game 72-71, it was uncertain that SU would even make it. “I was happy to see they made it, but also sad to to see teams like Monmouth not,” said junior Natalie Finocchiaro.  SU will be facing No. 7 seed Dayton in the Midwest bracket on Friday, March 18 in the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. “It will be a good game, but I think SU will come out on top,” said freshman Nolan Kinahan.


The top seeds in the bracket are Kansas University in the South bracket, Oregon University in the West bracket, University of North Carolina in the East bracket, and University of Virginia in the Midwest bracket. Oregon was the biggest surprise as a No. 1 seed. Many thought that teams like Oklahoma University or Michigan State University should’ve been No. 1. Now that Oregon is No. 1, many students and teachers feel they will be the first No. 1 seed eliminated. “I was surprised to find Oregon as a one seed on my bracket,” said secretary Barb Barker. The other remaining one seed is the University of Virginia. “My sister went to UVA so I was happy when I heard they were a No. 1 seed,” said librarian Mary Panek, “It was also nice to see a couple of ACC teams as No. 1 seeds.”


Every year the bracket is filled with upsets. In the past, No. 1 and 2 seed have been eliminated earlier than expected and students and teachers think there will be more of the this year. “I think that No. 4 seed Iowa State will lose in the first round to number 13 seed Iona,” said freshman Nolan Giblin. “I think that 12 seed Chattanooga will beat five seed Indiana, mainly because I liked the name and you just have to pick an upset,” said Mrs. Barker. Junior Tommy Bonaccio believes the biggest upset will be No. 14 seed Stephan F. Austin University over No. 3 seed West Virginia University.

The favorite team to win the championship is No. 1 seed Kansas with 5 to 1 odds to win (cbssports). Despite this, students and teachers prediction varied greatly. “I hope the University of North Carolina wins because I like their team and campus,” said Finocchiaro. Senior David Benaroch believes No. 2 seed Michigan State will take home another championship. Other students have a little more confidence. “I think SU will win because they are the best team in the nation,” said sophomore Ryan Evans.

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