In For the Long Haul

by Steven Baker and Nick Mannion

    This school year especially, students have gotten used to frequent breaks. In the fall, September only had four-day weeks, and October only had three full weeks of school. The longest we went in December to February without a break was five weeks. Now, from February 22 to April 22, students must endure eight weeks of no break, besides two days off in March. Eight weeks straight of tests, quizzes, homework, and waking up early can be hard on students. “These next weeks of school are going to be tough,” said freshman Pat Murad.


    This is the longest amount of time that students and staff have school with no break this school year. Students will have to wait 60 days before Spring break, and will endure 43 days of school. This mark is longer than last year, where students only had to wait six weeks for Spring break, but this year Spring break starts two weeks later than last year. “I hate having to wait this long,” said senior Pat Cramer


There are many ways in which students can survive these next eight weeks. One thing many students do is participate in school activities, like sports, and clubs. With spring sports starting up, many students plan on using them to get away from school. “Lacrosse helps to relax me,” said freshman Darien Oliva. Along with sports, many students, like junior Able Ratanaphan like to use after school activities to relax themselves, “I like to play badminton after school,” said Rataphana. Senior Ethan Palmer says that he “highly dislikes” that we have school, but he uses food to get away from school;, “I love to eat,” said Palmer.


Every student relieves stress in their own way: some play sports or listen to music, and others lose themselves in media.The biggest help for sophomore Lexie Gambacorto is relaxing and watching Netflix for a little bit everyday after school. She is not the only one who uses Netflix to relieve stress, sophomore Anthony Ciccone also does. Some students like freshman Maddie Brown use music to relieve stress; “I either listen to music or play my guitar.”


Students at J-DHS have a negative point of view on the eight weeks we have between breaks.   Senior David Benaroch says that waking up early is the “worst” part about these weeks of school. On the other hand, some students like to look at the bright side, like freshman Murphy Foss who said “These are going to be eight very tough weeks but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, named spring break.”


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