JED Talks 2016


Spencer Schultz

Assistant Editor of Production

Five brave seniors involved in J-D Engaging in Dialogue, or JED for short, will take the stage Wednesday Feb. 10 to discuss a wide array of topics in 10 to 15 minute presentations.

The club advisors, Mary Panek and Courtney Romeiser, made the choice to only open JED Talks to seniors this year. The two advisors wanted to be able to give more of their time to a smaller group of kids. “We thought we’d give that the opportunity to seniors, given that it’s their last chance to do JED Talks,” says Ms. Panek.

Senior Reed Jaworski will discuss the intersection of mathematics and rap music.

Maddy Van Heusen’s presentation will focus on the importance of teens learning how to cook.  

Sarah Young will talk about a more serious issue: voter turnout. As the 2016 presidential candidates debate, Young hopes to shed light on the obstacles blocking many citizens from voting in the United States.

Another political presentation will be given by Anna Pluff as she discusses the conspiracy theory surrounding John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Finally, Colin Howe will talk about science, concentrating on energy and cold fusion.

“It’s quite a variety of topics. There will be something for everyone to enjoy,” says Ms. Panek. Be sure to attend JED Talks Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in J-DHS’s Osborne Auditorium.

TED Talks was started in 1984 as an opportunity for those passionate about Technology, Entertainment, and Design to express their views and concerns to a small audience. What began as a one time event over 30 years ago has taken the world by storm, now with many annual conferences of speakers in cities across the globe, with even more of these speeches spread across the internet. Four years ago, TED talks made its way to Jamesville-DeWitt High School, as JED Talks.


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