Red Rams Indoor Track Race Into the Homestretch

Scottie B.T. O’Bryan and Taku LaClair


Staff Writer

The Varsity Indoor Boys and Girls Track teams have both raced their way to a successful start of the season. With the finish line coming into view with the passing of every week, the track athletes are focusing on goals to run, throw and jump their way to victory.

Senior captain sprinter Nolan Roosa is very confident in the Red Rams indoor trackletes to perform up to par with the competition for the remainder of the season. “Most people are utilizing practice time really well and it’s translating into meets. A lot of people have also been improving a lot since the start of the season. I expect most of the people on the teams to have reached their goals by the end of the season, including some to go on to sectionals and qualify for states,” says Roosa.

Short distance runners, throwers, jumpers and pole vaulters all practice inside, leaving only long distance runners to have to go head on with Syracuse’s frigid weather. “Being able to practice indoors is a big advantage because the weather doesn’t limit our practices and we’re able to accomplish anything we need to be able to compete and win in meets,” sophomore sprinter Joey Armenta says; “it takes more hard work than natural skill to succeed in track.” Sophomore long distance runner Abbie Leavitt is apart of the group that has to run miles outside in the snow everyday for practice. “Even though running in the freezing weather isn’t fun at all, being a long distance runner in track is tough and the only way to be successful is to put in the effort and run everyday. Track is that kind of sport that you can get out of shape really easily,” says Leavitt. To combat the cold weather, the long distance runners wear sweatshirts, winter hats, gloves and shorts or leggings.

Coming into the season many of the  boys and girls on the indoor track team set goals for themselves. “I’ve worked this season to improve my pace, speed and endurance,” says freshman Alan Gao. With sectionals and states only over the hurdle, some of the Red Ram track stars developed the mindset to strive to compete past the regular season. “I’d like to win sectionals,” says Roosa who is also working out not only during practice, but also on his own to qualify for states in pentathlon during outdoor track in the spring. Armenta is also hoping to compete in sectionals. “I want to make sectionals and I won’t stop working hard until I do,” says Armenta. Overall, the indoor track team feels confident in their chances of repeating their victory last year; winning sectionals.


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