Commemorating Shawna Marzella

Thomas Edson

Editor in Chief

On Dec. 3, 2016, the Jamesville-DeWitt community lost an dedicated and beloved member. Shawna Marzella, a JDFA member and teacher’s assistant at Tecumseh Elementary, died of a heart attack.

“There is going to be a deep hole. Those are very big shoes to fill. We will miss her intellect and her humor very much,” said JDFA member Donna Oppedisano, “She was a larger-than-life personality.

According to many of her JDFA colleagues, Mrs. Marzella was a “sparkplug” who brought energy to the group and was an ideal friend. “There was always a great smile on her face, even when we were having tough times negotiating,” said JDFA member and fellow negotiator Kelly Creamer.

“She had a good sense of humor and had respect for everybody. She wanted to do well for everybody, whether it was the kids or staff,” said JDFA President Lawrence Stroh.

In addition to bringing energy and compassion, Mrs. Marzella never forgot the reason she was so involved in the JDFA. “She always reminded me of the value of always speaking up for what you believe in and having a positive impact,” said JDFA member Joe Dechick.

In her time at J-D, Mrs. Marzella earned the respect of many, and made friends with almost everyone she crossed paths with. “It was clear when I went to the visiting hours how many people she affected in her life,” said Creamer.

Mrs. Marzella is survived by her husband, Bob, and their two sons, Brian and Justin. Both Brian and Justin are J-D graduates who were very involved in sports. Mrs. Marzella could often be found at sporting events supporting her sons and their teammates. Many alumni were present at the calling hours and funeral, as they remembered her and got to know her at these events.

Most JDFA members will always remember her smile and her laugh. “She was just fun. I always think about her laugh. She could view situations with a sense of humor,” said Oppedisano.

A scholarship fund has been started under Mrs. Marzella’s name, and any donations made will be put directly into the scholarship fund.

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