Hockey season under way

Mia Potamianos and Jenna Vespi 

Editors of Promotion 

On Friday, Jan. 13, the combined Jamesville-DeWitt High School and Christian Brothers Academy Varsity Hockey team held their second skate night of the season. The team went into this game with a record 6-5-1 and they added another win to their record as they won 7-0 against Cazenovia.

As their record shows, the boys have been having a decent season. “I think we have been playing well lately and as for me individually, I’ve been having a good season,” said senior captain Jack Austin. The team has played against several difficult teams including Skaneateles and Syracuse City. Although they have lost these games, they have been good match ups and have prepared them for the playoffs, said senior goalie Will Eimas-Dietrich.

Unlike most J-DHS sports teams, the team is combined with boys from CBA. Although CBA and JD sports teams have always been competitive against one another, this group of boys get along very well. Austin said that he likes being mixed with CBA. “They’re a good group a boys and they’re very talented,” adds Austin. Sophomore Adam Louise agrees with Austin and says that it gives him the “opportunity to meet new people.” From the crowd’s perspective, it’s fun being able to cheer and talk to their friends from CBA at the games. “Being with the other school helps to make our student section bigger and have more fans for the team,” said senior Bess Murad.

Hockey games attract a very large student section which causes the games to be “hype” and “exciting,” said Murad. The crowd is very loud and “lively”, according to junior Ryan Evans, and in return that helps the players get amped to play. Austin says that the large showing of fans “really gets the boys pumped up.” He adds that it’s “pretty exhilarating to play in front of people who give us so much support.” Freshman Andrea Sumida said, “I like going to the hockey games because they’re fun to watch when the players skate around, hit the walls, and bump into each other.”

Hockey also differs from other sports because they offer time for the fans to participate by skating with the team afterwards. Many students like that they can celebrate with the team and skate with their friends after some of the games. “I’m not that good at skating, but it’s fun to skate around with friends and listen to music,” said senior Sophia Dimkopolous.

The next home game for the hockey team is on Thursday, Feb. 2 against Cortland. Senior night will take place on Friday, Feb. 3. With four games left, they are hoping to win as many as they can so they can get the best seed possible in sectionals. Austin said as long as the team plays their best and together, they should have a successful rest of the season and hopefully win sectionals. Go out to the Onondaga Nation Arena and watch the boys next game!


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