Trump inauguration

By Jenna Vespi and Mia Potamianos 

Editors of Promotion 


After months of unrest, controversy, and shot-taking, the Presidential Inauguration, a “hallmark of our democracy,” as President Barack Obama put it, will take place on Jan. 20, 2017. President-Elect Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as 45th president of the United States, and the peaceful transition of power will occur.

The ceremony that will begin this new presidency will be met with many of the same emotions as the results of the election, in which Trump, the Republican nominee, pulled off a shocking upset over Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. While some will be filled with excitement and optimism for the next four years, others will have a renewed sense of fear and uncertainty for the coming months and years.

Jamesville-DeWitt High School junior Jungyun Kim voiced many people’s reaction to Trump’s inauguration when she called it “unexpected.” “It’s interesting because you have someone with no political background going into office,” said senior Matt Cappelletti. Junior Ryan Evans is looking forward to the change in presidents, but is concerned about the inauguration ceremony. “It’ll be intriguing to see what happens with all the protests going on and how they keep Trump safe,” said Evans.

Other J-DHS students have different concern. “Now Trump has to actually follow through with what he promised and it’s scary because you never know what’s going to happen with him,” said junior Carlena Torrens. Senior Sophia Pluff had that same concern. “I’ll watch the inauguration, but I don’t know that I necessarily agree with everything that comes out of his mouth, but I’d still like to listen and keep updated,” said Pluff.

With this fear, is the hope that this transition will be a smooth one. After eight years with President Barack Obama leading our country, Americans are turning to him to help us adjust to  this new part of our history. Within his Farewell Address given on Jan. 10, President Obama reassured the American people that his team has been working with President-Elect Trump to make sure everything’s running smoothly.  

History teacher Donna Oppedisano commended President Obama for his support of Trump and his demeanor on leaving office. “I always knew that President Obama, his team, and his policies were in support of this nation and the values on which this nation stands,” said Mrs. Oppedisano. “In my lifetime I have not known a president, his family, and an administration that has acted with such decorum and dignity in support of the values that we stand for as a country,” said Ms. Oppedisano.

On Friday as we watch Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony with anticipation, our nation will also be reflecting on the achievements of our past eight years, and catching a glimpse of what the future will hold.

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