Gymnastics Springs into Sectionals

Alex Pomeroy and Connor Ball

Staff Writers

The Fayetteville-Manlius and Jamesville-DeWitt High School Varsity Girls Gymnastics team has manifested their dominance and have proven to be one of the highest competitors in Central New York. The team entered the season with an astonishing record of 15 consecutive sectional championship wins. This year, the expectations are no less. “We hope to keep the streak,” said freshman Rachel Wells, projecting that her team will win sectionals once again. The team is on the way to another successful season holding on to a record of 3-1 going into sectionals, which are held on Oct. 21.


The team is expecting another sectional championship and aren’t going to allow the streak to slip through their fingers. The practices are becoming more vigorous and the team is “continuously working hard, without a break,” said Dieroff. The team consisting of many talented girls, all share one common goal of winning sectionals and are willing to “work hard to win,” said freshman Gwen Botto.


The Lady Rams and The Hornets share a rare bond that unify the two schools into one team. “The team attends Tully’s, sleep over at each other’s houses and compete in a scavenger hunt,” said junior captain Payton Riley.

Many seniors graduated last year, creating the urge to fill these spots for the new season. Sophomore gymnast Ana Dieroff said that the loss of Anyi Leibler-Bendix was especially hard because she was a two year captain. Liebler-Bendix was a leader for the Lady Rams and had much success on the team.

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