Clowns Take to the Streets

Jenna Vespi and Mia Potamianos

Editors of Promotion

The newest phenomenon to hit our nation may seem a little out of the ordinary. Starting in the south and making its way around the country is the Clown Epidemic. People dressed up as scary clowns are walking around communities scaring people and in some cases, chasing people with weapons. “I’ve heard that there are crazy clowns going around and scaring people,” said freshman Sawyer Parker, who is afraid of clowns. Students and staff at Jamesville-DeWitt High School have mixed emotions regarding the subject, but all can conclude that this is stirring up controversy.


On local news, police departments have been recommending that people do not dress up as clowns for Halloween, so that they are not taken as one of these scary clowns. But even in national news, this epidemic has hit headlines, warning civilians to stay away. Is it just a pre-Halloween scare, or is this a real issue in our community?  


The clowns in Upstate New York are known for things like chasing children and carrying weapons, like knives. “I think the people dressing up as clowns are very unintelligent and I don’t know why anyone would scare and chase children for their own pleasure,” said freshman Rachel Wells. Wells thinks they most likely can be harmful, if they continue to traumatize children. She also thinks this issue has the possibility to continue to grow. “They are harmful when they are chasing people and hurting kids,” said freshman Logan Wing, agreeing with Wells.


Although many people believe this is a big issue, others see it as a joke and not harmful. “I think it’s funny,” said Wing. Junior Buddy Boeheim said that the epidemic sounds “cool” and wishes he will come across a clown. Boeheim says that the clowns should “multiply faster.” Senior Zac Ripich said, “I don’t think they’d do anything or kill anyone.” Ripich followed up by saying that he thinks this whole thing will be over by Halloween.

Clowns have been taking to social media, such as Twitter, sharing their locations, and in retaliation, people nationwide have been sharing videos of their encounters, as well as giving advice for what to do if you see a clown. Clowns have been spotted on playgrounds, college campuses, and public stores. If Boeheim sees a clown he said that he will “stop, drop, and roll,” but when you come across one of these scary clowns, what will you do?

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