Semi Formal Dance 2016

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Staff Writer

Even though everyone is feeling the holiday hangover in the early days of the new year, Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s Semi-Formal dance on Saturday, January 16 is something for students to look forward to.

For $8 presale in the cafeteria during all lunches and $10 at the door, students can experience a fun night of music, dancing, friends and food. This year, Semi is being headed by J-DHS’s Breast Cancer Awareness club Bust-a-Move and the senior class who will split the proceeds. The theme of the dance is silver and blue and there will also be pink and other breast cancer incorporated ideas added by Bust-a-Move. Snacks and drinks will be on sale during the dance. Students from other schools are also allowed to attend the dance if the J-DHS student they’re going with gets them a guest pass by Friday, January 15.

Many J-DHS students are excited for the upcoming dance. “I think it’s going to be pretty awesome. I know a lot of people are planning on going,” says sophomore Parker Wing. “Saturday night is about to lit. I can’t wait,” says junior Matt Cappelletti.

The general idea for attire seems to be “to dress up.” Senior Connor Hlywa is wearing “one of the best button down shirts” that he has for his last high school Semi dance. Sophomore Michael Anderson is planning on wearing some “dope shoes and a collared shirt.” Junior Ronald Lewis plans to wear “a tuxedo.” Freshman Chris Parker plans on wearing a “good tie.” Sophomore Abbie Leavitt is very excited about her outfit for the dance. “I love wearing dresses so I’m really excited to wear one of my favorite ones to the dance,” says Leavitt. Like Leavitt, junior Marissa Potamianos also picked out a “beautiful” dress for the dance that she is looking forward to wearing on Saturday. Sophomore Jamie Boeheim is wearing a long sleeve black dress that she bought over Christmas break. Freshman Kendale Thompson is taking a different approach than almost all the other students. “I want to be different and stand out so I’m going to wear a hoodie, jeans, and a pair of Jordans,” says Thompson. Anderson has advice for students who aren’t sure about what to wear on Saturday: “dress to impress.”

A few students got a date for the dance, while most others are going with their friends. “I’m just going to go with my homies and (will) meet other people there,” says Anderson. Sophomore Riley Burns is one of the people who hooked a date for the dance. “I’m going with (sophomore) Joey Armenta. I know we’re going to have a fun time,” says Burns. Freshman Rachel Batizfalvi also has a date for the dance. “I’m going with my boyfriend and I’m looking forward to dancing with him,” says Batizfalvi.

Students definitely had some opinions when it came to the type of dancing at school dances. “It’s either girls and boys on opposite sides of the gym or really intense dancing,” says Anderson with a laugh. “Freshman need to prepare for the dancing,” says Leavitt.

Plans for after the dance ranges from going home to partying. “I’m going to chill with friends after,” says Hlywa. Both Anderson and Wing are hoping there will be a party after the dance. “I’m not really sure what I’m doing after, there’s no concrete plans yet,” says Cappelletti.  

With fewer sports conflicts than previous years, the turnout is expected to be big.

As the big day of Semi comes closer and closer, excitement for the dance get bigger and bigger. “Everybody needs to come out to Semi-formal. It’s going to be really fun. There will be food and dancing, and it’s a great fundraiser for Bust-a-Move and the senior class,” says senior class secretary Ajay Manohar.


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