Mrs. Fallon is Saying Goodbye

By Maddie Scullion and Olivia Byrnes

Assisstant editors of production and promotion

US History, Psychology and Economics teacher Deborah Fallon will be saying goodbye to Jamesville-DeWitt High School at the end of this year, after 41 years. She says she’ll “miss the kids the most.”

Mrs. Fallon began teaching because she was inspired by her teachers while she was in school. Along with the students, she will miss the other faculty members, being able to chaperone proms and attending sporting events.

“Mrs. Fallon really understands the dynamics of the school,” said Principal Paul Gasparini. She is “very level head, a tremendous colleague, good friend, and we will miss her,” said  Mr. Gasparini. Global teacher Jamie Crawford was mentored by Mrs. Fallon when she started teaching. As her mentor. Mrs. Fallon taught her how to use the gradebook and answered any questions she had. “She was so helpful, so insightful, and she was always very welcoming and warm,” said Ms. Crawford.

Senior Jack Fennell said he will definitely miss Mrs. Fallon.  “She was a good teacher and her teaching methods worked well,” he said. Senior Emily O’Connor agrees with Fennell, saying she will not only miss seeing Mrs. Fallon in the hallways, but their daily conversations.  

For the past 41 years, Mrs. Fallon has spent September through June at J-DHS, but now she gets to open a new chapter in her life. What will she do? “I have a lot of plans: I plan on traveling and I have several projects that I’ve put off for quite a while, and I want to see my friends,” she said. For the teachers that will continue to work here and future teachers, Mrs. Fallon advises them to “always try to do your best, think positively, and be patient.”


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