Boys Tennis 2015

“We were very successful this year on and off the court,” said Jamesville-DeWitt High School Varsity Boys Tennis team Head Coach Eugene Sul. After finishing with an undefeated record of 14-0, the team sent seven players to sectionals, the maximum amount.


At sectionals, sophomore Rob Dotterer took first in singles, junior David Benaroch took second, and senior Josh Rothenberg took fourth. Senior Josh Frank and senior Jake Cline won first for doubles, and junior Alex Tso and sophomore Ishan Gajra earned second.


Senior Josh Frank, who plays mainly second doubles and sometimes first doubles, said that he was “proud of the boys” for defeating New Hartford, their toughest competition. According to junior Patrick Saba, who is a member of third doubles, the team didn’t have much competition within their league. Besides having many competitive players, Saba thought the team “worked very well together” and that this was one of the reasons they were very successful.


By Mary Austin and Riley Burns

Not only did they work well as a team, but their best player, Dotterer, helped lead the team to success. “Rob’s a beast,” said Frank who said the team wasn’t surprised to that he qualified for states. “Rob works all year round, on and off the court,” said Mr. Sul. Mr. Sul also added that it was Dotterer’s love for the sport that led him to the success that he achieved this year.


Mr. Sul said that this year’s seniors, Frank, Saba, Brian Cieplicki, Cline, Tal Frieden, and Rothenberg, have really “pulled the team together and made us a family.” On the court they are “good motivators,” Mr. Sul said. Saba also stated that “we’re way closer as a team than I ever thought we would be at the start of the season.”

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