Summer Jobs Will Keep Students Busy in 2015

By Amy Shen and Marie Saba

Staff Writers

What are your plans this summer? Do they include a summer job? Many students see summer as an opportunity to experience the adult world by having a job. “I’m becoming an adult and it’s thrilling,” says freshman Taku LaClair who will be working at Tops.

Out of the 100 J-D students polled, 48 of them have a summer job. Common jobs include lifeguarding, being a referee, working at the Fair, and being a store employee.

Students who choose to spend their summer working usually pick jobs they have an interest in. “I just really like donuts,” says junior Mackenzie Maxam, who works at Just Donuts in Phoenix, NY. Just Donuts is owned by Maxam’s boyfriend’s parents. Though Phoenix is a long drive from DeWitt, Maxam enjoys it because “making donuts and working with the customers is really enjoyable.” Freshman Markos Petkopoulos also likes to “interact with a lot of interesting people” while working in his family’s pizzeria, Dorian’s Gourmet Pizza and Deli. Looking for a cold treat? Stop by Snow Top where sophomore Isabela Budelmann will be working this summer or for an iced coffee at Tim Hortons where Sophomore Rania Kassis will be working.

Some students want to stay active this summer with jobs such as being a referee, being a counselor, or lifeguarding. Freshman Nico Modesti “loves the sport of soccer,” and sees being a referee as a good way to earn money while having fun. “I love being the role model for the kids to look up to as a referee,” says Modesti. Sophomore Gavin French will be lifeguarding at Drumlins Country Club this summer. “I’m pretty excited to make some bank and save lives,” says French; “I just love saving lives, its my passion.” Senior Paddy Hagan will take up the job of a camp counselor at the JCC. Unlike others, Hagan is not looking forward to working this summer. “My parents made me get this job,” says Hagan, “I barely make any money so it’s not worth it at all and it ruins my summer.”

Other jobs include working as a store clerk, like junior Himi Begum, and carwashing, a job taken up by senior Patrece Martin. “It pays a lot,” says Martin. She is really excited to earn money that she can use in college. Meanwhile, Begum works at American Eagle in Destiny USA, which is “a fun place to work at. I’m a people person, and I love seeing people I know,” says Begum. Other students working in costumer service include freshman Guine Nabinger at a plant nursery, and senior Riley Hornstein who’s working in the Syracuse Bookstore.

Summer vacation is a time to relax, and take a break from work, right? So how are students’ summer jobs going to interfere with their summer? LaClair doesn’t believe his job will affect his summer. Likewise, junior Ethan Della Posta sees the bright side of working at Five Guys. “I won’t have much free time, but I can buy things now,” he says. “I’ll probably be working in the 20-25 hour range per week, so I’ll still have a social life,” says junior Jess Pace who works at Wegmans in DeWitt. Farchione will be lifeguarding this summer at Drumlins Country Club. She also sees the bright side; “I won’t be able to hang out with my friends as much as I’d want to, but I think it’s worth it.” Modesti doesn’t have a problem with reffing taking up his free time. “Most of the games are on weeknights, so I’m fine.” However, Hagan says, “my job greatly interferes with my summer, I have to get up early every day, and I hate the job.”

Why give up your summer to work? Money. French plans to spend his earnings on new lifeguarding apparel and some sunblock, while Della Posta will spend it on music. Maxam wants to spend her money on more costly things. “College is around the corner,” says Maxam. LaClair also plans to save his money for college and a car. “I plan on saving my money, then using it to travel abroad after my senior year,” says Farchione.

Whether you have a job or not, relax, have fun, and enjoy your summer!

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