J-D Day 2015!

By Riley Burns and Mary Austin

Staff Writers

Every year the student body of Jamesville-DeWitt High School looks forward to our school appreciation day: J-D Day. School Slate will be in charge of handling the variety of activities, both inside and out, like jumping in the bouncy house or watching the Reenactment Club reenact a battle from the Civil War, or taking pictures with friends in the photobooth. These are all personal favorites of senior Kallen Prosak. “I’m really going to miss the days like these at J-DHS because I get to hang out with my friends,” said Prosak.

At the end of every school year, J-DHS celebrates how far each grade has progressed, and gives them an afternoon off before finals and Common Core tests take place. This year there have been changes that social studies teacher and Slate adviser Meghan McGee hopes improve the day. One of the changes is a student vs. faculty kickball game instead of a softball game; “this way anyone can participate instead of a minimum amount of athletes,” said McGee. Also, senior Hunter Siegel-Cook, co-president of Slate, says that they are trying to get a “larger obstacle course.” However, because Slate had less money to work with this year, as the Homecoming Dance raised less funds than in other years, Ms. McGee says there probably will only be a photobooth and obstacle course. “So far, it is up in the air if a mechanical bull will make an appearance at this year J-D day,” says Ms. McGee.

Many students look forward to J-D Day because, according to sophomore Alyson Shapiro, “walking around and not having classes is really nice.” That is what senior Macie Whitbeck also likes the most about J-D Day. Senior Dylan Volk looks forward to his time on the mechanical bull and especially the blow up obstacle course because it is “to die for.” This year, sophomore Nathan Fathers is hoping to have “a lot of fun” at J-D day, like he had during the event last year.  

Another highlight is the Heifer International club’s annual “pie in the face” competition. This year, the possible victim of the “pie in the face” will be either social studies teacher Andrew Cottet or senior Brian Cieplicki. You can vote for whoever you want to see pied by donating money to Heifer International members. Also, English teacher and club adviser Connie Myers-Kelly says that the club is selling “J-D colored balloons,” and each person who buys a balloon will be entered in a raffle in order to win a Sweet Frog gift card.

The freshman class this year is looking forward to experiencing their first J-D Day at the high school. Freshman Rachel Setek is most excited about how J-D day means “it’s the end of the school year.” Other freshmen, such as Griffin Cook, are eager to see what J-D Day has to offer. “I’m especially excited to see how long I can stay up on the mechanical bull before falling,” said Cook.

Senior Kayleigh Hamernick says that she likes J-D Day because it is something at the end of the year to “look forward to.” Hamernick and Whitbeck both recommend that freshmen check out the art show that takes place in the Main Gym Foyer, because it exhibits their peers’ work and it’s very “impressive” to see.

Though many enjoy the celebration, others see it falling short. According to junior Haley Harrigan, “there’s nothing much to do other than walking around.” Agreeing with Harrigan, junior Jan Ramirez doesn’t like J-D Day because instead of walking around in a hot gym, “I would rather just stay home.” Sophomore Kyle Cappelletti would also rather stay home because the heat brings down the mood of the day. “I wish I could just go home and hang out with my friends instead,” says Cappelletti.

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