Need a Prom Dress?

By Riley Burns

Staff Writer

Jamesville-DeWitt High School Physical Education teacher Cara Goldberg created the Dress Drive so girls who may not have the money to spend on an elaborate gown for their junior prom or senior ball can still enjoy such an important event in their high school career. “I really hope that the girls feel comfortable enough to come and ask me for a dress if they need help,” says Ms. Goldberg. “It stays confidentially between the student and I.”

“The drive is for girls who maybe can’t afford their own dress or have to attend more than one prom at different schools,” says Ms. Goldberg. She has about 100 dresses that she is willing to let any student borrow and return after prom or ball.

Any girl looking to borrow a dress can see Ms. Goldberg to choose from her selection. “I even have a small selection of shoes and purses to choose from,” says Ms. Goldberg. And she can even help if the dress needs to be tailored to better fit. There is no deadline to borrow a dress but Goldberg stated that the best of the dresses are going to go fast so come to her soon if you need one.

Where did Ms. Goldberg find all of these dresses? “I’ve had many donated by students here at the high school,” she says. Many of the students donate their dresses because they will never have the chance to wear it again and wouldn’t want it to go to waste. So, upperclassmen, if you have a dress you’re willing to donate, see Ms. Goldberg. “Not everyone is as lucky and fortunate as others, so help make everyone feel welcome and able to have fun at their prom or ball,” says Goldberg.

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