CBA/J-D Hockey Night

Max Chirco and Tarky Lombardi

Staff Writers



The Christian Brother’s Academy/Jamesville-DeWitt High School Boys Ice Hockey team had a record of 19-3-2 last year, and are hoping to repeat the same success this year.  The boys are looking to get back to the state finals, and are led by Head Coach Mike Mckie.


Everyone on the team has their eye set on winning the sectional title, and only few doubt that they will make it there. “I think we’re going to have a successful season, that we will make a run for sectionals and it will be a good year,” said junior goalie Will Eimas-Dietrich.  “(We will) go all the way, nothing less,” said junior Jack Austin.


The team so far has scored an average of 2.0 goals per game in their first five games against Fulton, Clinton, and Scarsdale, Skaneateles, and Cortland-Homer.  They are allowing 4.6 goals per game. This has lead to an overall record of 1-3-1. To improve, junior Connor Kinahan said that the the team needs to “put the puck in the net,” and “take good shots.”  “The team needs to work on goaltending and scoring,” said senior captain Jamie St. Amour. Senior captain Grayson Burns, and other members of the team agree that scoring is something the team needs to improve upon if they want to win more games.


With senior Sam Mueller out for the year with a shoulder dislocation, and St. Armour says they need to look at the bench to find someone to replace him. Flanagan thinks that Mueller was “a great player,” and to win, others will have to contribute more. “Sam played a key role for us the past four seasons,” says Coach McKie other players have to contribute more, “especially on the Power Play.”


The hockey season is underway, and students are excited about the upcoming event, Skate Night.  Skate Night is a yearly event at which after a hockey game, students loan a pair of skates for $5 and can skate around on the ice after the game.


There are many obstacles that this year’s hockey team will have to overcome to complete their goal of a state championship, but they players are not worried in the slightest.  Do you?


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