Bust-a-Move Bottle Drive

by Olivia Byrnes and Ali Durkin

The goal of the Jamesville-DeWitt High School club, Bust-A-Move, is to defeat Breast Cancer. They are collecting bottles throughout October to raise money for their cause. “I think the bottle drive is a great way to raise money for breast cancer while at the same time recycling, which is good for the planet,” said junior and club member Sophia Ferlenda.

The club got the idea to collect bottles after club adviser and biology teacher Nancy Raicht saw someone at Wegmans depositing two carts full of bottles. “I started talking to him after seeing his cart full of bottles, and he said he was donating the money to charity, so I thought that it would be a good way for our club to fundraise,” Mrs. Raicht said. After speaking to the bottle collector, he agreed to team up with them and deposit all the bottles Bust-A-Move collected. He also said that he would put the money from the bottles towards the charity Stupid, Dumb, Breast Cancer, A foundation that the club has been donating to for years.

The club made posters and set up pink trash bags throughout the school to encourage students and staff to deposit their empty bottles. Freshman Lindsay MacLachlan, who is also in the club, helped to make posters and is really excited to see the result of the fundraiser. “I just think that it’s a good cause and any contribution we can put towards Breast Cancer is great,” she said.

With Breast Cancer Awareness month almost over, the club hopes to continue collecting bottles through November. “We have no specific goal, but every bottle counts,” said junior and club president Bess Murad. The club will continue donating to Stupid, Dumb, Breast Cancer by selling candy grams around Christmas and splitting the funds from the Semi-Formal with the senior class. They hope that this year, they will bring in even more money to help defeat breast cancer.

Remember to donate your bottles in the pink marked bags to help fight Breast Cancer!


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