J-DHS’s New Tutoring Club

by Julia Skeval

Among Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s vast array of student-run clubs is a new addition for the 2015-2016 school year that may be the most productive and helpful one yet. The Tutoring Club, established in part by junior Jenny Hossain and librarian Mary Panek, was created to give students who excel in a certain class the chance to tutor others who need a little extra help or review.



“We want to make sure (J-DHS) remains one of the most academically advanced high schools,” said Hossain. In order to become a tutor, students must fill out an application to be turned in to Ms. Panek. However, Ms. Panek said she is only willing to take in tutors with at least a 90 average in the subject they’re looking to teach in order to ensure that students seeking help are getting the best and brightest of the student body. After a student is accepted as a tutor, they are paired with students who have signed up as tutees. The club is still new, says Hossain, “so I hope more people start joining.”


Those who have joined so far have only good things to say about the club’s purpose and goal. Sophomore tutor Owen Farchiones thinks the program will help students be more successful on their Regents exam, while improving their overall grades and letting them make new friends as many students are paired with someone they’ve never met before. The club also offers students advice on strategic note-taking tactics and other studying techniques, said sophomore tutor Markos Petkuopolos. Fellow tutor, sophomore Sabri Hafizuddin, likes the club because “it allows students to be more productive.” Hafizuddin likes the student partners aspect of the club because students can sometimes explain materail in simpler terms for one another than a teacher can. Students may have a better grip on how to clarify something in a way that makes more sense to their peers because they’ve all been in the same place before.


“It was so helpful because my tutor answered all my questions,” said sophomore Aastha Thakkar who sought help from the tutoring club. Senior Eric Tambua who was also being tutored agrees, “my tutor helps me understand things better.” Like Hafizuddin, freshman tutee Mona Osman thinks the club is helpful because sometimes fellow students can explain certain topics better than the teachers.

Students who are being tutored also have the chance to tutor others in a subject they may be stronger in. Those who are interested should see Ms. Panek in the library.

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