Wondering where everyone is today? They’re making Cultural Connections!

By Bob Wason and Rob Dotterer

Staff Writers

This Friday, both the Spanish and French clubs will be saying adios and au revoir to Syracuse, and hola and bonjour to New York City and Quebec City. Both clubs have been preparing since the fall for their annual trips.

The French club will be going to Quebec City this year. The club switches between Montreal and Quebec City every year for their annual trip. “I’m really excited to go,” said freshman Alexandra Scibilia; “I’m looking forward to eating some cool food, and seeing the monuments, because I’ve never been there before.” Freshman Noah Kotzin is also looking forward to the trip, “I’m excited to go. I’d really like to explore Quebec,” said Kotzin; “I have a chance to practice my French.” French teacher Solace Amankwah, adviser of the French Club, said, “The trip will be fun; we are doing improv, acting as historical figures. Also, we are going to a restaurant called the Sugar Shack where every part of the meal has maple syrup.” The trip also offers some independence for club members. Mme. Amankwah said that students will have a chance to do things on their own, for example exploring the Quebec City mall.

    The Spanish club trip is another option for students at J-DHS looking to try something new. They will be going to New York City on Friday. “The trip is always fun,” said Spanish teacher Simone Pacilio. They will have salsa lessons, go to a museum, go to a few Latino restaurants, and shop in Time Square. “It’s such a great experience for the students to experience Spanish culture in New York City,” said Sra. Pacilio. “All this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of (Spanish teacher Maria) De Jesús,” she added. Sra. De Jesús, as adviser of Spanish club, organizes the NYC trip every year. By having the students fundraise through selling pizza and poinsettias, Sra. De Jesús is able to cover expenses like hotels, bus fares, and tours around the city for her students. Ms. Pacilio says the trip provides the students with “an experience of a lifetime.”

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