Where Have all the Musicians Gone?

By Emily Hauser and Abby Shaw

Staff Writers

    If you’re wondering why the school got quiet towards the end of this week, it could be because 123 students from both chorus and band are in Virginia Beach, VA. to compete in a choral competition against seven choirs from all over the country. They left at 5 a.m. on Thursday, April 10. The chorus and band students, along, with 10 chaperones, had a 10 hour drive on coach buses. “When we get to the hotel Thursday night, the mixed choir, also known as chorale, and women’s choir will rehearse again before their competition on Friday,” said choral director Elizabeth Quackenbush.   

“The chorus has been rehearsing different songs for the past few months,” said Mrs. Quackenbush. The mixed choir and women’s choir are going to be competing Friday along with the band, who is scheduled to compete after them. “Chorale is singing two pieces and Women’s Choir is as well,” said senior Maggie Austin. The band is also going to compete by performing two songs, “Haven dance” and “Filusm Vitae” that they previously performed in their last concert. “We started rehearsing a while ago, after we chose what pieces we were going to perform,” said freshman Jamie Rieger. After the competition Friday night, the students will be going to “Motor World,” where they will have the chance to ride go-carts right next to the beach. The students will be going to Busch Gardens Saturday. “I’m really excited for the day we get to spend in Busch Gardens,” said senior Christina White.

After spending a majority of the day at the park, the kids will meet with the other musical groups who competed to find out what they scored in the competition. After the ceremony, there will be a dinner at the park, and following that, they plan to head back to the hotel to pack up and get a good night sleep. That next morning, they are planning to leave Virginia Beach and head back to Syracuse.


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