Have the heart of a poet? Then the RED club has a contest for you!

By Armauni Allen

Staff writer

Roses are red, violets are blue, Poetry month is approaching and it involves you! April is the month that the weather becomes warmer and spring starts, and the imagination wakes up along with the earth. April is also poetry month, and to get Jamesville-DeWitt High School involved, Librarian Mary Panek and the RED club are hosting a contest to get students and faculty involved in poetry and art.  

Part one of the contest asks each person that wishes to participate to pick an art piece and then write a six-line poem about that piece. The poem may be typed, but it must be stapled to the entry form, and the entry form must be completed, including the name of the poet, the name of the piece of art that was the inspiration, and then given to Ms. Panek in the library.

Each person who submits a poem will have their name placed in a hat, and then drawn randomly for prizes. The poems will not be evaluated, and there is no limit on how many poems can be submitted. The Red Club has printed the art pieces, and posted then with the forms on the bulletin board outside the library. RED club will also type the submitted poems to be displayed with the art piece. The poems are due March 26.

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