Maddy Frank Racks Up Rings

By Joe Morgan

Staff Writer


Having played varsity sports since her freshman year, junior Maddy Frank has been a part of something special. The three-sport-athlete has won seven total Section III Championships, but she isn’t done yet. Frank has the chance to win up to 12 sectional titles, a record. Frank’s standout career, exemplified by her explosive numbers on the basketball court, softball diamond, soccer pitch, as well as her hard work in the classroom led her to being nominated for the Post Standard’s Athlete of the Week on Jan. 6, 2014.

On the basketball court, Maddy Frank is a girl you might want to mark. Frank, the junior captain, is a multi-dimensional player who is known for her defence, but is more than capable of scoring. Frank can put up the big numbers in the scoring department, putting up 17 points against Cortland. Franks efforts helped the Rams to a 4-1 record and the No. 8 ranking in the state. Maddy’s most important element of play is her ability to check shifty forwards on the perimeter, and get boards over tall centers in the paint. “She got 12 rebounds against CBA which really helped,” said junior co-captain Alyssa Robens.

Frank’s love for basketball came from her family’s influence. “I think I’ve always liked basketball, because almost everyone in my family has played it,” said Frank. Frank also says she loves the way basketball encompasses both athleticism and mental strength. 
After basketball is said and done, the grind doesn’t stop for Frank. Softball is another one of Frank’s passions. Frank, an outfielder, fulfils many different roles, in the outfield and the infield. Frank also holds two Section III Championships in softball, the most recent being in the 2013 season. “Maddy’s biggest strength is her versatility,” said softball head coach Eric Ormond. coach Ormond really learned to appreciate Frank for her “tremendous work ethic” when he had her for global studies her freshman and sophomore year. “The work ethic she exhibited in class was the same which she displayed on the field, and she is an awesome teammate to the girls,” said Ormond.

However, Frank’s most winningest sport is soccer. Holding three Section III titles, Frank has won one each year she has been on the team. Soccer is also her second love. “After basketball, soccer is my favorite sport,” said Frank. Frank has been a starter on the varsity team since her freshman year, “I wouldn’t have taken her if she wasn’t something special,” said Head Coach Hayley Nies. Like basketball, Frank has a nose for the ball which makes her an amazing defender. “She takes her basketball mentality and skill and transfers it to the soccer field,” said Coach Nies, “she is athletic, tall, and is a very smart player, and her attitude is nice to have on the team.” Maddy aspires to win her fourth straight sectional title next season, and is confident that she can.

Off the field, Frank seems to be another person in the hallways of Jamesville-Dewitt High School. But If you took the time to know Frank you would find out that behind her friendly smile was a competitor in every sense of the word. “I always try to do the best I can. If I don’t try my best when I try, then what’s the point?” Frank prides herself on being not only the best athlete she can be, but the best student. Her English teacher Courtney romeiser said her self composure she shows on the athletic field is the same composure she shows in class. “If there is anyone I could sit next to in US History class, I’m glad its Maddy, she soaks up information like a sponge,” said junior classmate Essence Britt.

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