Black Friday: J-D’s Take

By Olivia Byrnes and Marissia Potamianos

Staff Writers

Thanksgiving break means turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing, but it also means hot deals in stores all week long. Many Jamesville-DeWitt High School students took advantage of this opportunity to get good deals on their favorite items and get ahead on their holiday shopping. 

Students at J-DHS did most of their Black Friday shopping at Destiny U.S.A. Seniors Molly Hair and Lauren Morelli went to Destiny to shop for themselves and family members Thanksgiving night. Sophomore Meg Parker went to Destiny at 3:30 a.m Friday morning and said she saved $60 on three things, while freshman Christos Kousmanidis went at noon and said he didn’t find any good deals. 
Several stores gave out coupons and advertised their sales to their customers throughout November. “I had some awesome coupons that I wanted to use and it was just kind of fun to go out on Black Friday,” said Counseling Center secretary Renee Palladino. “Some stores had regular prices and others had good deals,” said Hair. “I got two boots for the price of one and it was great,” said freshman Bess Murad. Freshman Jake Brazie said that he went to FootAction to get shoes and there was not much of a sale but because he wanted the shoes so badly he bought them.

All of the sales attract large crowds of people everyday during Thanksgiving break. “The lines were a mile long,” said Murad who went shopping at 6 a.m. Friday morning. “It was really hectic and everybody was running around.” said senior Carly Neugebauer who went out at midnight after her Thanksgiving meal. “It was really busy. There were people everywhere,” said freshman Julia Kelner who went to Walmart and saved a total of $500 on a new iPad and T.V. 

While some experienced fights and said that they wouldn’t go next year, others said Black Friday was awesome and would go again next year. “There was a person who was yelling because she felt she didn’t get as good as a deal as they thought they should have,” said sophomore Maddie Behan. She said that this ruined her experience making her not want to go back again next year. Junior Josh Frank agreed, saying it was too busy to go out shopping next year. 

Deals come and go, especially during a holiday break. J-DHS students still managed to tackle their holiday shopping as well as some personal items even in the intense crowds of eager shoppers.

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