A New Addition to J-DHS: The Breakfast Club

By Ellie Wheeler

Staff Writer

The most important meal of the day has just become a club. The Breakfast Club is a way for students to eat breakfast and socialize on Friday mornings in English teacher Diane Rushford’s room, R25. Every Friday, before school starts, the club meets to eat and talk. The club also has another meeting once a week on either Wednesday or Thursday, to discuss who will bring each healthy breakfast item on the next Friday. They also talk about the upcoming plans for the club in addition to what they will be eating on Friday morning.

President of the club and junior Karola Castaneda got the idea for the club one day in first period when she was hungry. She thought that it would be great if people could have a healthy and good tasting breakfast on Friday mornings. Both Castaneda and senior co-president Bora Nanaj “thought it would be a great idea for kids to get together, eat and meet new people. It’s great for the freshman to get to know the upperclassmen.”Diane Choi is one freshman who is benefiting; “it’s a great and delicious way to meet new people!” Nanaj adds that “it’s a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.”

According to Castaneda, the club is a huge success so far. The club has great officers and the best adviser, English teacher Diane Rushford; “she lets us do anything.” Castaneda adds, “We try to eat healthy food like bagels, fruit,granola bars and juice or milk, unless its around a holiday and we eat less healthy foods like donuts and cookies.”

The future plans of the club include t-shirts, field trips to diners in the Syracuse area and meeting new people. “We always welcome new members,” says Nanaj. So far, the club has around 15 to 20 members and hopes to expand in the future.

“The club is really fun and I think that everyone should join,” adds Choi. Freshman Tommy Armenta agrees with Choi; “it’s awesome, especially if you are hungry. You only have to bring food to share every other week.” Everyone in the club seems to agree that it is the best club out of all of them and everyone should join.

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