J-DHS Rings In The Winter With The Semi-Formal

By Bora Nanaj

As December rolls around, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students are once again preparing for the Semi-Formal. The dance, with music provided by DJ Jett, will be held in the main gym on Saturday, Dec 14. Tickets will be $7 pre-sale and $10 at the door. All the proceeds go to the junior class to help pay for class events such as prom. J-DHS students are allowed to bring students from other schools as long as they sign a permission slip through the Main Office first.

The junior class officers are organizing the dance. “I think it will be a really good turn out. Last year we raised over $1,000 and a lot of people came,” said junior class co-vice-president Emily O’Connor. Junior class treasurer Julia Slisz agrees with O’Connor, saying last year’s dance was “bigger than expected,” and she expects this year’s turnout to be “pretty good.” However, unlike last year’s “End of the World” theme, “there will be no set theme” for this year’s function, said O’Connor.

Since there will be no theme, students have more freedom on what to wear. “I have a lot more options because there is no theme,” said senior Olivia Melton. “I’m going shopping with friends to look for dresses and shoes,” said junior Elise Catania. “I’m going to Lord and Taylor and BCBG for dresses,” said senior Rea Puka. Senior Kyle Glauber said he will be wearing a “nice button down and khaki pants.”

Many J-DHS students are excited about the dance. Junior Allie Pereira, who moved to J-D from Florida this year, said “I never had one at my old school, so I’m excited to go to the one here.” Freshmen are very enthusiastic about their first ever semi-formal. “I’m super excited to see what it’s like,” said freshman Bess Murad. Freshman Gavin French is also excited; “I can’t wait to dress up and have a fun time with friends.” Sophomore Stephanie Naples says she will be attending because “it’s always a fun time.” “It’s my last year to enjoy it and dance with Jordan VanStry,” said senior Samantha Mignacca. Junior Mo Ahmad describes the dance as a “fun night to get to meet new people.”

Everyone has something to say about the dancing that occurs at the semi-formal. Sophomore Marissa Placito calls the dancing “crazy,” while senior Zack Hatem describes it as “very inappropriate.” Senior Adam Resetarits agrees with Hatem and describes the dancing as “too provocative.” Senior Adam Doss sums it up by saying “It’s pretty degrading to the human race.” However, senior Brad Carr disagrees saying “it should be acceptable.” Junior Micah Lee loves to dance and said, “I can’t wait to twerk.”

Many students are looking forward to the dance because of the music by DJ Jett. Senior Jason Alweis describes DJ Jett as the main attraction. “He is one of a kind,” said Catania. “He’s so much better than any other DJ,” said junior Alyssa Robens, “and he knows how to pump it up.” “He’s pretty sick,” said Doss.

Unlike most dances that are held on Fridays, the semi-formal will be held on a Saturday. Junior Cortney Vaughan thinks this is a good decision because “a lot of more people can go.” Alweis disagrees and says “less people will go on since we don’t have school that day.” Robens said she would rather have the dance on a Friday night, but “at least it’s not a Sunday night.”

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