11 Reasons Why High Schoolers Should Take New York State Tests Instead of the Regents

As people take a breath after AP tests, Regents are fast approaching, waiting to creep in. And while us high school students are preparing to suffer, middle and elementary school kids are facing a different battle: New York State Tests.

To many of us, the New York State Test would be a breeze. And given that they and the Regents are both state mandated standardized tests, I beg the question: why are we forced to take regents, when we could take NYS Tests instead?

While that may seem counterproductive, I give you a list of reasons as to why we should get to choose the standardized test we take.

  1. A grade is a grade. No matter what, you’ll end up with a score.
  2. We don’t want to grow up. 
  3. A goat is a goat.
  4. 4th graders have more fun.
  5. 6th graders have less fun. 
  6. It’s actually probably a good review for our regents.
  7. Nobody uses number 2 pencils anymore.
  8. You get a lollipop. 
  9. Naptime.
  10.  Stickers. 
  11. The most important one of all, snacktime. Yams, specifically. 
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