Photos by Mrs. Troubetaris and Mr. Phillips. Click the window above to view a slideshow.

On the unseasonably cold Saturday morning of May 9th, members of the J-DHS faculty and staff donned their face masks and braved the snow and wind for a chance to see their students again, if only for a quick glimpse through a car window.

From 9 to noon, the Class of 2020 arrived in staggered shifts, sorted by alphabet, to receive custom lawn signs and red carnations. The morning was lively and loud, with music blasting from the DJ’s booth, car horns sounding with each passing senior, ringing cowbells, and the enthusiastic cheers and shouts from the scores of J-D teachers, staff, administrators, board members lining the course.

The DeWitt Fire Department was on hand with three emergency vehicles flashing their lights. Officer Pienkowski directed traffic and represented the DeWitt Police Department. Several community members, seeing and hearing the commotion while walking through the neighborhood, even joined in the celebration.

After eight weeks of virtual classrooms and online instruction, teachers and students could not hide their excitement about seeing each other again in person.

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