Georgie Paparo, The Bold Varsity Gymnast Faithfully Takes On Journalism

Georgiana Paparo is a confident varsity gymnast at JDHS who enjoys to write and learn. She loves putting herself out there through writing. She has a strong belief that without a quality education you can’t go very far, and feels very strongly about real world issues.

Georgie is always preoccupied with her siblings sports, and her own. Her siblings include her sisters Grace and Gabby, and her younger half brother Luke. Georgie is closest with Grace; their relationship is strong and they feel very comfortable with one another. Georgie also values learning. She feels that math can be difficult but other times easy for her to get ahead. Georgie gets good grades and works right up until the bell rings in every class.

Georgies has a variety of values. Two examples are feminism and equality. She believes nobody should be treated differently because of how they look. She values medicine because she has seen first hand how much it can help, due to her sister being a type one diabetic. Georgie also values friends, they are always supporting her. She firmly believes that without her friends she wouldn’t be where she is today.  When she feels strongly about something she pushes herself even harder to do it. This especially shows in her writing.

Georgie has been writing since elementary, and in 8th grade she won an honorable mention from Scholastic. Georgie sets various goals for herself in journalism like, becoming a better writer and learning what Journalism really means. Georgie intends on attending Boston college because of the overall environment of the campus. She is doing everything she can to beome a journalist for her career. Georgie signed up for the RamPage and faithfully believes she will be able to achieve all of her goals set as a young journalist.