February 28, 2014

By Kate Salvo and Marissia Potamianos

Staff Writers

When it comes to award shows, Jamesville DeWitt High School students are very critical, especially with the Oscars. The Oscars are on March 2 and honor the most popular movies of the year. Although there is no public voting for who wins, there’s many critical opinions heard in the halls at J-DHS about who will take home an Oscar.

Ellen Degeneres is coming back for her second year as host of this event. While some students are looking forward to seeing her, others are critical of how she might do.  Sophomore Nolan Barth thinks that Ellen is boring and he doesn’t find her jokes very funny. But sophomore Ethan Dellaposta loves Ellen because of her show and can’t wait to see the Oscars. He is also excited because she acts the way a regular person would when seeing the award-winning celebrities.  

The award the most people consider to be the most significant is the Best Picture. Several students, such as Dellaposta and junior Josh Gutmaker, think that “12 Years a Slave” will win this category. Freshman Cindy Henchen thinks that “Gravity” should win, because it was very emotional and the acting was “really good.” Junior Paddy Hagen said that he doesn’t think “Gravity” deserves the win because “Sandra Bullock can’t act.” Many students said that “American Hustle” is overrated and and it has already received more awards than it deserved, as it won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Motion Picture in January. Counseling Center Secretary Renee Palladino disagrees, saying that “American Hustle” has a lot of hype, and she hopes that it will win.

Another category that people are interested in is the Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role.  Mrs. Palladino said that Chiwetel Ejiofor, who starred in “12 Years a Slave”, “is incredible and did an amazing job.” A big topic people have been discussing is the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio has never received an Oscar, despite being nominated three other times. This year, he is nominated for “Wolf of Wall Street,” and many students, such as Hagen, are hoping he will finally win this year. Freshman Giovanni Antonucci hopes that Lupita Nyong’o will win Best Actress because she made her acting seem very effortless and real during her performance in “12 Years a Slave” and doesn’t think that Jennifer Lawrence should win Actress in a Supporting Role “because she wins everything and I’m kind of sick of her.” Mrs. Palladino said that she thinks Lawrence is overlooked, and is hoping she will take the Oscar.  

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